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The Power Of The Internet: Why We Should Not Look Down On It

The internet has been developing its presence since the beginning of its time, and every single day since its production, the cyber realm never shows any signs of wavering resolve of its power. Instead, it has been growing exponentially to be one of the most dominating platforms with the largest influence than any empire ever claimed. Believe it or not, we have been depending entirely on the weight of the internet to ease our daily workload like how we would envision robots to take care of the workings of humans. Despite its non-physical body, its presence is enough to make all living means, even animals, to bow down to their knees for it. 

power of the internet

All it needs for the internet to exist individually is a nifty internet provider by your side, for instance, the nation’s favorite service, UniFi fibre coverage, a digital device and the commitment to devote to the massive loads of new information the internet piles up without missing a single day of missing out. Although it is a positive outcome of technology to provide a simpler solution to mankind’s heavy loading, it does have its own black lining on the pure white cloud.

Here are the reasons we should not look down on the power of the Internet:

The Fast Track Information Widespread

This is the reason why we are always warned to be careful whenever we post or publish any words, or pictures, or videos, or any form of media to the public eye, especially in the digital world. Nothing is safe and trustworthy to be dependent wholly on this versatile medium, and information spreads fast as well as being possibly interpreted in a wrong way. Hence erupts a negative power as a nuclear weapon to destroy everything on its path. And that is;

The Overwhelming Toxicity Of Social Media

Whatever happens in the midst of it all, there will always be unnecessary toxicity that lies within to ruin the true purpose. So far, it has challenged societal norms and severely affected the mental health of the majority for the negativity’s illogical expectations. Thus, the traditions of the internet have given birth to many trends, one of them being cancel culture, which is defined as a modern form of ostracism in which someone is excluded from social or professional circles — whether online, on social media, or in person. 

Dire Impact On Real Life Situation

When these kinds of things happen from behind the screen of a phone or laptop, it is enough to cause a deteriorating mental capacity to handle whatever daily lives of people in reality. Some would think how to please people in exchange of sacrificing their body, some would even think of something that should not have been done to one’s life, even their own. 


These are only a few out of the thousand reasons the internet can be a terrifying place to live with in our lives. That is why a minority of the world population refuse to have such digital manipulation influence them for peaceful life.


Best Hosting

Five (5) Advantages of Purchasing Dedicated Web Hosting

A lot of people are into blogging these days and for them to have their own blog up and running, they resort to using a free hosting service. For the most part, that is okay considering that their only intention was to put out some content over the internet.
However, if you are running a multi-million-dollar company, you obviously have to go with the top hosting companies. More specifically, you want to get dedicated hosting services.When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on hostgator reviews Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

Full Control

One of the biggest advantages of getting a dedicated hosting service is the fact that you are given a dedicated space solely for your own use. Although you’re still technically renting the online space, you are given the responsibility of utilizing all of the server’s resources. That means that if you only want your business website to be on the server, then that is now a possibility.

No Sharing

Most of the hosting providers nowadays give individuals the chance of getting their website hosted through a shared hosting service. As the name implies, this particular service basically means that you are going to share a server with other people as well.
Although most servers nowadays are quite powerful and have enough resources for you to use, if the server goes down and your website happens to be on it, your website will not be accessible until the server is up and running again.
DDoS attacks on one website that is on the same server as yours may also lead to high-volumes of unwanted traffic that can also affect your website’s performance as well.
With dedicated hosting, all of these problems will be a thing of the past.

Improved Performance

Considering that you’ve used a shared hosting service before, you might have come across some of the problems that I’ve mentioned above. If you’ve transitioned to a dedicated hosting service, you will instantly feel the difference in performance.
In fact, if you did migrate to such service, I encourage you to type in your website’s URL and press enter. Within a second or two, your website will be accessed by anyone who is using a fast internet connection.

Guaranteed Revenues

According to a Google report, a lot of people actually love visiting websites that are quick and easy to access. And, since dedicated hosting pretty much ensures that your website’s performance is going to be top-notch, you are assured that you are going to get guaranteed revenues because of it.

Improved Reliability

Since you are getting your own space, your website’s reliability will vastly improve. That means that, for the majority of the year, your website will not go down simply because of the things that I’ve mentioned earlier, such as DDoS attacks or high volumes of unwanted traffic.
Furthermore, since you are technically occupying your own space, you can run as many website scripts as you want and all of those things will not hamper your website’s performance at all.

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