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What is dogemama
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What Is Dogemama? Here’s The Answer

Have you ever wondered what is Dogemama, or what is cryptocurrency? This is what is happening now in the world of stocks. One big thing to another. It is a mystery and also, risk, in entering the world of business. One day you might say you are on the right path trailing behind the next big thing, next thing you know, you are fighting for your life’s survival. Not to mention the pressure of wanting to become the number one, so you can actually chase success. It is what the business is all about. 

To explain how does it work, cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology which is a digital ledger of transactions. As a database, this is where all of the transactions are recorded. That is across an entire network of computer systems. So there will be not just one joystick on the system, instead, it would be computer networks that run it and do all of the authentications. Some say it can improve the transparency of the process, and bond the trusts relationship. Others would say it can be inefficient, expensive, and too much energy usage. Started as just a small thing, cryptocurrency has grown to be the next alternative in the financial institution and world. 

What is dogemama

To answer your question of what is Dogemama, they are basically the new big thing in the cryptocurrency technology world. They have the vision of becoming successful within different approaches and with sustainable technology. Their transaction speed is compared with Bitcoin comes as 30 minutes, Dogecoin with 1 minute, Etherum with half a minute, and Dogemama on top with only 5 seconds. Their fee for the transaction would be bitcoin at $6, Dogecoin at $0.8, Etherum at $4, and Dogemama at $0.03. Their centralized concentration of supply can be seen as Dogemama is the safest. Etherum and Bitcoin come at the second being moderate. Dogecoin is labeled dangerous.

Your thoughts of what is Dogemama also can be seen and explained in their 5 phases planned. For their first phase, Dogemama is launched with the tokens and ecosystem audits. Then the start of the Family portals and Shibu Inu token bonuses with pair liquidity and initial burns. Phase 2 is starting love on PancakeSwap. Second burns are made and the first partnership is made. For their 3rd phase, Dogemama finalizes the ETH launch and does live on Uniswap. The NFTs protocol is made along with the third burn and second partnership announcement. For their fourth phase, both Polygon and Mamaswap are launched, and the fifth phase is yet to be revealed. 

With more than just a goal of being a cryptocurrency, what is Dogemama is that it is a family. The coin brings people all together for a greater good and they are rewarded for the value they provided. They have the same vision as other big names in the industry but with better tweaks in their approaches, they manage to fight and be at the top of the table. Get the best of Dogemama at the verified site to purchase your tokens and be among the family! 

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Technology: Importance To The Society

In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t picture surviving without technology. We cannot exist without technology involvements when employment, socialization, and cultural dissemination occur as a result of globalization. Technology has been part of our lives for so long and it is getting closer to us day by day. It has become our essentials that we will use almost every second of everyday.

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Importance of technology to the society can be seen in the efficiency in daily chores, easier communication, various range of entertainment and also improvement in education. These all seem like nothing but it is actually the best advancement that we can experience at our times.

Technologies have helped to improve the efficiency in doing daily chores. They are beneficial for everyone from any range of ages; kids and elderly. The invention of technologies such as vacuums, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens has really brought advantages especially for mothers. Everyone in the house gets to put their hands on any machines and help to make it easier.

Years back then, when there are still no washing machines, the washed their clothes on the floor or in the sink but after the washing machine was invented they no longer do it that way. There are also improvements on the technology where the washing machine used to be semi-auto but now you can just put the detergent in and set it for a specific period.

It has also made communication easier. We used to send mails to keep in touch with our friends and relatives that live far away from us. But now, we no longer have to do so. Technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, laptops and social media have helped to reduce the time taken to communicate. You can even talk to your friends who live in another country without having to wait for a reply which used to take up to months.

Now, we can use Instagram stories to update what is currently happening to us and also get to know what is happening in your friends and relative’s lives.

The most interesting part of having technology is that it provides various ranges of entertainment. You can watch BTS music videos on Youtube, listen to Ariana Grande’s singing on Instagram Live and maybe Lee Chong Wei playing badminton on Astro. You will have access to every kind of entertainment across the globe.

Other than just watching other people performing on the internet, you can also play online games and even try the best online casino in Malaysia to fill your leisure time. You decide what your entertainment is.

Lastly, it is very beneficial for education. This is because with the internet, students can easily find extra knowledge and information about everything. You can have a virtual study group, sharing online documents and also saving your notes online. There are also online courses that help us to add our skills and at the same time will add value to us as a student.

You can improve the way you study just by searching through the internet on how to get better grades or how to improve your time management skill.

All in all, technologies are very important especially if our country is developing to become better. 


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Why Stimulate Construcion Play With Children 

Growing up my favorite memories are always associated with LEGO time with my friends. It was like the ultimate fun time and the fun was not only with other little children. Parents could play, cousins participated, aunts and uncles are also in the mix. Doing some construction play with the help of toys like LEGO may have only seemed like entertainment once upon a time but it is not all simply just entertainment. Construction play goes a lot deeper than a bunch of building toys and bob the builder cartoons. Children learn so much as they play with items like LEGO or online construction games on the internet. It is a crucial learning process that parents can also participate in. So let’s talk about the benefits of actually engaging your children in construction play on a day-to-day basis. 

Children Learn How To Communicate Better 

When we play with LEGO with other people, it forces children to learn how to articulate their messages better. They need to communicate how they want to build their items and construct the site. Their imagination may be unrealistic, but children are amazing at mixing their creativity and speaking wonders. Encouraging them to speak their imaginary stories and how they will solve the problems in the construction set or the building toy set, they are able to learn very important communication skills. The more they communicate the better they become at unleashing their creativity and using it beneficially. 

It Improves Their Critical Thinking And Strategizing 

Consutrioj play normally requires a certain level of critical thinking. Critical thinking is also a skill that can be built with the help of simulation and practice. So how can parents make sure they have the ability to strategize, solve problems and think critically. When playing with blocks, children are forced to find a solution that is truly out of the box. Sometimes it blows our mind to see what children come up with and how flexible they remain with the help of their own imagination. 

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Important Life Lessons On Being Patient 

Normally children can be very poor at waiting. Or being patient. They do not have an understanding of the concept of “patience”. They like when things see fruitful results immediately but, of course, patience is something that can be taught just like any other skill and habit. When children are given blocks, stories, construction plays they are able to build up their patience as they stack on and find pieces that match together. Similar to building a puzzle. It takes time before they figure out what works. The more they play and practice the better they become at being patient. 

This learned behavior is also translated into other aspects of their life so they implement it as they study, communicate with parents, go out to restaurants and even interact with friends. Skills like concentration, focus, attention, communication, sociability, time management are all part of many benefits of construction play. So make sure you stock up on as many as blocks, puzzles, legos, and any other game that engages them in building stuff. They don’t need to know about the complexities of the 3D construction world with components such as polycarboxylate malaysia, however, it is a good way to get started. 


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Ideas To Restyle Room Or Office Space

We are always finding ways to revamp our spaces, be it at home or office. Nonetheless, at most times, we run out of ideas on what we can do. This is when we either browse through Pinterest, watch Youtube videos or Google for ideas. Fret no more, we are sharing with you some of the best ideas to restyle your house and office spaces to give them a more modern look. Some of the ideas to restyle either your room or office spaces are:




If you are living in a rented property, then removable wallpaper is your saviour. This is because they not only add some splash of colours to your room but also are easier to remove which enables you to get that deposit back when you move out. Removable wallpaper can be added to any walls in your home. It can also be added to your kitchen as a backsplash to provide an aesthetic look. In addition to that, if you would like to add some colours to the walls of your office, you can always opt for wallpaper as they are always printed with designs which just requires us to install it on the walls. 


Glass Wall

Installing glass walls is always one of the most common ways of giving a modern look to your space. This is because of the stylish look it provides to space after being installed. If you are interested in dividing your dining room with your kitchen while also giving an expanded view of it, glass walls are the best option. Glass walls can also be used to give privacy while you work in the kitchen to ensure no one is disturbing you. You can always consult a glass wall specialist in KL for more ideas on how and what type of glass walls you need. 



Better lighting gives a nice vibe to space. It is better to use indirect lighting for bedrooms such as keeping the curtains open to let the natural light in during the day while using dimmer light at night to provide a mood of the atmosphere. In addition, using more natural light in office spaces provides a better view of the atmosphere and lifts the employees’ mood. This contributes to enhanced productivity since scientific studies have proven that exposure to natural light reduces headache and eyestrain which causes them to take fewer breaks away from their work.


Carpets can be added to enhance the rooms’ looks. Even a small one in front of the vanity table intensifies the space by creating interest. We can use carpet to cover the living room floor to provide a warmer feeling of the space during the colder season. Adding a carpet in the child’s playroom not only provides a space for them to play but also provides a more grounded look to the room. 


In conclusion, these are just some guides provided by us to you. You can always browse through for more ideas to better suit your vision.
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Some of the Best Holiday Destinations


Do you have plans for a holiday vacation with your wife? You also need to date your wife you know, even if you have been together for years already. You need to spoil your partner with dates often and going on a vacation can be one of them. In fact, it would be best if you choose a location that is intimate so your love will be rekindled. You can even bring with you one of those sex toys that you can purchase from Yes, this should make your nights together more exciting. 

There are actually a lot of resort vacation houses around the world which you can choose from. Nonetheless, all are surely worth your time, money and experience. So here are some of the must-go holiday getaways.

  • Fiji Island – here is where you could find a lot of affordable family holiday deals which does not require sacrificing a lot of your money. In Fiji, you could surely relax and unwind with your loved ones because the island has very nice beaches or resorts that vary in prices, amenities and experience. If you desire to have a family holiday in Fiji, then you can search more online about Fiji Island and see various resorts offering affordable family holiday packages.
  • Phuket, Thailand – is considered to be a much-known island for holiday destinations. This island is popular because its coastline is parted into bays which nicely formed cosy beaches. A lot of resorts here offer calming massages in front of the beach. If you desire to scuba dive, then you could as well try visiting the place.
  • Jamaica, Caribbean – is a destination blessed with very nice natural coastlines. Jamaica is considered a great location for people who love beaches. Here you could find affordable resorts as well. The place has very nice white and sugar like sands which are worth visiting.
  • Bali, Indonesia – is known to have the greatest waves and has the best weather. If you and your loved ones love surfing, then Bali is a good destination for you. There are a lot of beaches and resorts here which you could stay in.
  • Maldives – has very nice sand beaches. If you and your family like great sands, then this place could be best for you. There are several resorts here which vary in prices but still offer great services and great beaches.
  • Bahamas, Caribbean – is the place where all beach lovers see what they look for. Their sands range from the colours of white and pink and are sugar-like. The waves are great and the water is very clear. They also offer water sport activities.

There are actually more and very nice to perfect holiday destinations that are best spent with your loved one. Mentioned above are just very few of them. You can search more through the internet if you need more destination ideas. This is the time where you can prove to your wife that after all the years of being together, your love is still as passionate. Show her how much you prepared by making sure nothing is missed and in a perfect spot at that!

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