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How To Become A Web Developer


All of the websites that we have been browsing on the Internet are made by someone. The professional term for someone that develops all of these websites is called a web developer. Their main task is to come up with the foundation and the programming for all of those websites, we’ve seen on the Internet. 

custom website developers malaysia



If you are interested to become a web developer there are a few things that you should know and learn about. If you have learned all of the skills needed to be a professional web developer, you can make your own custom website developers Malaysia. 


Web Development Fundamentals 


It all starts with the basic foundation, and to become a web developer you need to have the basic knowledge of web development fundamentals like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. All of this basic knowledge is the beginning of you to become a web developer. To brush up on your skills and to add on your knowledge you can also join the coding online courses, this will help you to expose yourself to different types of coding programming that will be useful for your career in the future. To become a successful web developer, it is important to keep in mind that you need to be constantly learning and exposing yourself to the new trends of developing websites. 


Choose A Specialization 


Just like any other professional career, once you have been exposed to the basic fundamentals of web development, you’ll need to choose a specialization for your career. What is the specialization of web developments and what are the differences? Web developments specialization can be categorized into 3 groups which are front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. The difference between these 3 specializations is that as a front-end developer you will be working on the client-side of the web development. Meaning that your task will be related to the designs of the web, the layout of the website. While the back-end developer will be working more with the programming and the networks of the website. Their job is known to be the server-side because they’ll need to be understanding how the server works. And lastly, the full-stack developer is someone that is familiar with both front-end developers and back-end developer’s job scope. 


Key Programming Languages 


Whatever specialization that you’ll be choosing you need to make sure that you have the basic foundation of understanding these 3 commonly used key programming languages. The three commonly used key programming language for web development and also web designing is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Javascript and also CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). In the world of web development, these are the basic fundamentals that every web developer needs to master. 


Start Your Projects 


Now that you have understood and master all of the basic skills and knowledge, you need to put all of that skills into practice and starting by building your own website. Without practice, you will not be able to test all of the knowledge and skills that you have learned, and you cannot improve yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time you develop a website but with more practice, you’ll be able to do a great job at developing a website of your own.

What is dogemama
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What Is Dogemama? Here’s The Answer

Have you ever wondered what is Dogemama, or what is cryptocurrency? This is what is happening now in the world of stocks. One big thing to another. It is a mystery and also, risk, in entering the world of business. One day you might say you are on the right path trailing behind the next big thing, next thing you know, you are fighting for your life’s survival. Not to mention the pressure of wanting to become the number one, so you can actually chase success. It is what the business is all about. 

To explain how does it work, cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology which is a digital ledger of transactions. As a database, this is where all of the transactions are recorded. That is across an entire network of computer systems. So there will be not just one joystick on the system, instead, it would be computer networks that run it and do all of the authentications. Some say it can improve the transparency of the process, and bond the trusts relationship. Others would say it can be inefficient, expensive, and too much energy usage. Started as just a small thing, cryptocurrency has grown to be the next alternative in the financial institution and world. 

What is dogemama

To answer your question of what is Dogemama, they are basically the new big thing in the cryptocurrency technology world. They have the vision of becoming successful within different approaches and with sustainable technology. Their transaction speed is compared with Bitcoin comes as 30 minutes, Dogecoin with 1 minute, Etherum with half a minute, and Dogemama on top with only 5 seconds. Their fee for the transaction would be bitcoin at $6, Dogecoin at $0.8, Etherum at $4, and Dogemama at $0.03. Their centralized concentration of supply can be seen as Dogemama is the safest. Etherum and Bitcoin come at the second being moderate. Dogecoin is labeled dangerous.

Your thoughts of what is Dogemama also can be seen and explained in their 5 phases planned. For their first phase, Dogemama is launched with the tokens and ecosystem audits. Then the start of the Family portals and Shibu Inu token bonuses with pair liquidity and initial burns. Phase 2 is starting love on PancakeSwap. Second burns are made and the first partnership is made. For their 3rd phase, Dogemama finalizes the ETH launch and does live on Uniswap. The NFTs protocol is made along with the third burn and second partnership announcement. For their fourth phase, both Polygon and Mamaswap are launched, and the fifth phase is yet to be revealed. 

With more than just a goal of being a cryptocurrency, what is Dogemama is that it is a family. The coin brings people all together for a greater good and they are rewarded for the value they provided. They have the same vision as other big names in the industry but with better tweaks in their approaches, they manage to fight and be at the top of the table. Get the best of Dogemama at the verified site to purchase your tokens and be among the family! 

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Parenting Guide 101: Hobbies For Your Child

Parents play a big role in molding the behavior and personality of their children. Children tend to idolize their parents as they are the adult figure they are the closest to at their young age. This means that they are easily influenced by the actions of their parents and want to follow their footsteps as they grow up. This is why parents should be equipped with good parenting skills so that they can guide their children to the right path and provide helpful advice for their children. Some parents might have their children too young and they have not matured as a parent, making it hard to guide their children. If you feel the same, don’t worry since there is always an opportunity for you to grow and hone your parenting skills. Not only your children are expected to grow, but you should too as a parent. Hence, this is a guide for you to guide your children to their hobbies.

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Hobbies are an important part for your children as they grow up. You need to ensure that they have a hobby that will benefit them in the long run. Here are some tips for you to do that.

Suggest, But Don’t Force

Sometimes, your children might have no idea what their interest or passion might be. They might have too many things they want to try or nothing at all. Hence, you should help them in trying out new things until they find a hobby that they like and are comfortable for them. In this case, you can suggest to them a few hobbies you think they might like based on their personality and preference. Keep in mind that it is fine if your children have no interest in any of the hobbies suggested and keep trying to ask them to try other hobbies. It is important that you don’t force your children to do something since they might think you have a high expectation for them to do it. If anything, it will only pressure your children and they will only do it since it is up to your preference. They would force themselves to like it since it would make you happy, but this could become a burden for them as they grow up.

Allow Them The Freedom To Choose

Next, you should give your children the freedom to choose their own hobbies. Even if you are great at something and you want your children to do the same, you should refrain from doing so. You can see how most children with successful parents are trained from young to be able to continue their parent’s legacy as they grow up. For example, a well-known ballerina enrolled her daughter in a ballet lesson from the age of 5 as she had high expectations for her daughter. This means that the poor child has no choice of their own and continues to do ballet since they think that they are not allowed to like doing something else as a daughter of a successful ballerina.  It is a pity since the child’s potential is wasted. It is possible that she could have natural talent in something else but is not able to hone those skills due to her mother’s persistence. Thus, give your children the freedom to choose their own hobbies. That way, they can try what they want to and figure out their own weakness and strength.

Last Words

In conclusion, here are some tips for you to guide your children for their hobbies. Don’t worry since there are many ways for you to learn about parenting skills. You can purchase books about these topics or utilise the Internet. With the development of software as seen from malaysia mlm software, there are many sites you can explore in order to hone your parenting skills 

dive tenggol

Dive In Tenggol Island With Travlapp

So you are planning to escape from the power of the Internet and have a scuba dive in Tenggol Island, but you do not know how and you are looking for any training? Well, Travelapp got you covered! Tenggol Island, a little island off the coast of Terengganu, is one of, if not the greatest, islands in Semenanjung Malaysia in Peninsular Malaysia. Perfect for your scuba dive demands. 

Not everyone is aware of this island and it is less popular than other islands makes it is an ideal location for anyone looking to relax and get away from the crowds. This elevates the island to a new level in terms of underwater life, making it a popular diving destination. Tenggol Island features some of Malaysia’s healthiest reefs, especially when compared to other more marketed islands such as Perhentian and Tioman. Underwater you can observe a variety of fish, underwater critters, and turtles! The ocean walls on the island of Tenggol Island are noted for having a distinct interior filled with rock cliffs, nudibranch, and other sea creatures. 

dive tenggol

With the help of Travlapp, you can make your scuba session dream comes true. They now have three packages located in Tenggol Island. First is PADI Open Water Course. It is three days course, joined by four divers, and both boat transfer and gear rental are included. This course is available between March until October and it cost about RM1,400.00. 

The next one is PADI Advanced Open Water Course. It is two days course, a total of five divers included, and both gear rental and boat transfer are available. This course is available between March and October. The cost is about RM1,300.00. The last Travelapp course provided is Scuba Diving. The duration is about one until three days, and a total of three to nine divers can be invited. This course is available between March to October and both gear rental and boat transfer are possible with only RM480.00, makes it the cheapest among the three. 

Travlapp allows you have diving sessions through their service even though you do not know how to swim. Just a note that it is better for you to practice some basics in swimming skills first and be comfortable in the water to ensure your fun and safe diving experience. Also yes, you can attempt the Discovery Scuba diving package provided by Travlapp, which is developed exclusively for people who wish to explore scuba diving but have never done so before.

Other than that, if there are any issues that arise that forces you to cancel any bookings, there is good news. You will receive a full refund if you cancel 7 days or more before your scheduled date. This means that there will be no refund if you cancel less than 6 days before your scheduled date. A side note here as well is that there is no additional payment for renting equipment with most scuba programs. There is also no savings for bringing your own so make sure to read the package description thoroughly. For any bookings, you can make bookings for diving courses and packages via telephones and emails. 

forex market brokers malaysia

How To Earn Money Online In This 21st Century

The youngsters are very eager to earn their own money these days. With the influence of media and social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, more and more of these young people have developed an interest to be more independent. Many of them wish to be successful from a young age. As a result, many young entrepreneurs can be seen competing in the industry despite their age. This is great since they even motivate their peers to start doing something productive to earn money on their own. The youngsters these days are very open to supporting others of their age through social media. Due to the parents in this 21st century being busy with their careers, most of their children are very independent. That is why it is not surprising that they prefer to do things on their own and want to be able to have money they earn by themselves. Luckily, the development in technology has made many things possible like online gaming and even online investments. Do you know that you can invest online through sites like  forex market brokers malaysia

forex market brokers malaysia

Let’s move forward to some of the ways to earn money online.


One of the easiest ways to earn money online is by doing dropshipping. Dropshipping means that you have to buy items of an owner’s brand through a third-party supplier in order to fulfill the customer’s demand. As an example, you become a dropshipper of a beauty product like ANAS Cosmetic. This means that you are responsible for advertising and making sure customers buy the beauty products from you. Thus, this is how it works. Customers will order from your Instagram, the third-party supplier will ship them directly to the customer and you will pay the supplier’s wholesale price. After deducting all that, the rest is profitt. It is super convenient especially if you use social media like Instagram to do dropshipping. Besides, you don’t have to keep the stocks with you. It makes it easier as you don’t have to store and keep track of the products.

Paid Surveys

Another way is by doing paid surveys. With the development of technology, you can even be paid by answering online surveys. However, you need to make sure that you are using trusted paid survey sites such as Swagbucks, MyPoints and Survey Junkie. Making sure that the sites are legitimate helps you to avoid being scammed by irresponsible organizations. Since this can be done online, it means that the transaction and payment you would receive from doing the surveys would be processed online. This might make it easier for people to trick you so that they don’t have to pay you. It would be frustrating when you work hard to answer the surveys only to be scammed. 


If you have a knack for broadcasting and love producing creative contents, then you can also try becoming a Youtuber. If you are serious, you can even earn more money than you thought. Besides the advertising revenue, you can also be paid through the channel memberships. It could be really fun and you can also earn money by becoming a famous Youtuber.

Last Words

In conclusion, these are some of the ways for you to earn money online. If you are looking for a way to earn some pocket money on your own, then this could be helpful for you.


Right Time Fibre Interent With the Right Deals

This eventuality must also be avoided, since the owner of the device risks, together with the control of the personal device, also losing all the data contained in the memory. Viruses don’t despise any kind of operating system, even if. According to the numbers collected, the attacks mainly affect Android and Windows devices; much less affected are the iOS and Blackberry systems.

To make your networks secure and your company mobiles protected, you can rely on Time Internet, which is able to offer you solutions designed to limit and protect your devices from attacks, in this way your company will be able to fully exploit the advantages related to mobility. So with Time 100mbps you can have the best choices now and it is affordable and saves you money as well.

Tips and tools to check the speed of the Internet connection and the bandwidth actually available for download and upload

The current enactment gives that each shopper, be it a private client or an expert, can know the base exhibition that should ensure an information connection actuated at any broadcast communications administrator. And this regardless of the type of connection: be it entirely in optical fiber, mixed copper fiber (for example FTTC or FTTE), wireless / FWA, or entirely copper up to the exchange (i.e. ADSL).

The Internet speed is an issue which often focuses the user disquisitions:

  • Are frequent complaints of subscribers who claim to absolutely reach the advertised performance by the provider. The inadequate download speed for the subscribed offer is one of the most frequent criticisms.
  • To establish the Internet speed and, therefore, the bandwidth available for download and upload, there are many online tests but only one, carried out where necessary to file a formal complaint with the telecommunications operator.
  • The “stamps” always wanted by AGCOM (see Fiber coverage and ADSL: the AGCOM stamps will indicate the technology used and the speed of the connection) allow an initial indication of the type of data connection and its architecture.

As explained in the articles Optical fiber: when will it arrive? 

And Time Internet coverage: the meaning of the messages, we have seen that the same fiber connections are by no means all the same.



Building A Gym In Your New Home 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say home gym?  You may not be the only one imagining a  dark, stinky basement with a yoga mat and kettlebells lying in the middle. With Covid 19 hitting us hard and locking us up in our room, the last thing we want is a dark room with some dumbbells. We want a space in our home that can substitute for all the workouts we do in the beautiful gyms of Setia Eco Park


Today we are going to redefine what a gym space is going to look like in our brand new homes. We want to help you create the dreamy gym space that will motivate us to do all the hard workouts by Pamela Reif and Chloe Ting. We encourage you to do all the crazy workouts from the fitness blender in a space that is personal and comfortable to you. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this in some with some very easy steps! 

Spare Bedroom Into A Home Gym 

Perhaps this is the most common and the most obvious tip on this list. If you have a spare big room that is underutilized, turn it into a gym. You won’t regret having space in the comfort of your home that is dedicated entirely to your workout needs and exercise time. This room can be your personal space even for meditation, long pilates sessions, and fun Zumba workouts too. You can include a screen or a TV where you could watch all the workouts and follow them. You can also improve the space up with your own selection of workout equipment, including a treadmill, maybe a bicycle, kettlebells, and so on. 


Build Partitions In The Room For A Gym

When you have no room or space in your apartment at Setia Eco Park, it’s time we get a little innovative with a room divider or a partition. Partition is a cost-effective way of dividing your space functionally into two spaces. One is where we release all our tension and sweat through exercise, and the other is where we stay knee-deep in Cheetos on our bed. 

Backyard Gym?

Sometimes we forget that our backyard is the perfect place for workouts. Ofcourse, this tip is only applicable for those living with enough space for backyards and garages. You can utilize this space to include some home gym equipments, and even have your own tiny little sports field to play basketball, football or badminton. 

Picking Good Colour Combinations 

One of the biggest mistakes we make when building a gym space in our home is we choose the darkest color. This is fine if you love dark colors and you are motivated by them but dark colors tend to drain us a lot faster than brighter and happier colors. A white coat in your home gym may make all the difference and energize you during your workouts. Your interior and colors are just as important to your workout since the external environment plays a huge role in your motivation. 

indonesia forex brokers review

Why Saving Habits Are Difficult To Be Adopted By The Teens.

It has been widely advertised how important saving habits are. Besides becoming a huge benefit for your future or emergency occurrence, saving helps develop great money management skills.  Not only that, they help to train children to be more independent instead of relying on their parents all the time. This is the reason why parents teach their children on saving habits from a very young age. And because of that, most children enjoy inserting money into their piggy banks and watch their savings increase. However, the same cannot be the same for teenagers. It is hard to see teenagers these days having saving habits. Even those who loved doing so when they were small are no longer interested in saving money. Here are some of the reasons.

indonesia forex brokers review

Online Shopping

One of the main reasons why teens find it hard to save their money is due to online shopping. Online shopping is so easy to access by using their smartphone applications. Thus, it means that online transactions can be done easily. They simply need to request for TAC numbers and then their online payment can be done. Due to this, teens tend to overspend. When they realise that they should save some of the money, they can no longer do that as their account balance is minimal. Teenagers tend to buy unnecessary things, like cute stickers, new bags and shoes although it is not actually needed. They find it hard to stop online shopping even more that their peers are also doing that. 

No Awareness of The Importance of Saving

Here is another reason teens find it hard to save money. They have no awareness of how important saving money is. Due to their young age, they do not take saving seriously as they know that their parents can afford to pay for anything they need or want. Some even have this mindset where they are still too young to save money. They should only start saving after they are out of high school or start a permanent job. Because of such a mindset, they fail to realise that saving will help them in the future in any case of an emergency like accidents or injuries that need a lot of money for treatment. Teenagers are usually very care-free and nonchalant about the future, so they might feel like they should sit back and relax when they are still young. Why save money when they will end up using them, anyway? This is how they think and it is not surprising that they cannot develop saving habits during their teenage years.

Forex Trading

Do you know that some teenagers are already involved in forex trading right after their high school years? And it is a good thing, until they spend too much on the foreign exchange that they fail to plan smartly for all their investment. As they continue to do so, they fail to consider that it should be done with a lot of thinking and discussion with their parents. That way, any loss can be avoided and they will be able to receive more money than they thought. If you are interested in forex trading, check out this indonesia forex brokers review.


In the end, it is hard for even parents to convince their teenage children to start saving. It was probably easier when they were younger as they find it exciting and they tend to be rewarded after saving the amount of money their parents targeted for them. It is not possible that they will still be rewarded as they grow up, hence they lost interest to save money. Perhaps parents should encourage them to save by using new methods in the future.

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Is The Portrayal Of Gambling In The Anime “Kakegurui” Good For The Young Viewers?

In 2017, anime fans were going wild with the anime television adaption of the manga “Kakegurui” or “Compulsive Gambler”. With interesting storyline and maniac characters spicing up the series, many fans are able to enjoy the anime brought by MAPPA. The anime is a hit in both Japan and international countries as people love the main character’s attitude that gambles for the sake of thrill and defies the rules or logic in order to beat the hierarchy of the school she just transferred in. The series is set in Hyakkaou Private Academy, a prestigious high school that houses many children of the most influential and wealthiest individuals in the country. However, academy performance or the common methods that normal schools used to decide their hierarchy is useless in the academy. The position of the students are decided by their after-school activity, which is gambling. As the students with higher positions in the school gained their power through dirty tricks and gambling scams, Yumeko Jabami (main character) transferring to the school started to collapse the hierarchy of the school.

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As the viewers of the anime involve the youngsters, voices of concern start to rise as the parents argue that the portrayal of gambling in the anime could be a bad influence to their children because of these few reasons.

Perk The Young Viewer’s Interest To Gamble

As the anime portrays gambling as its main theme, there are many scenes that show gambling taking place in the school. This could give bad influence to the youngsters as they could get interested in gambling and start to adapt the mindset that it is fine to gamble in high school, just like the anime characters have been doing. The anime could make them lose the interest to study as the anime portrays gambling as an entertaining and thrilling activity to be done instead of focusing on their school work.

The Minors Are Not Allowed To Gamble

The fact that the legal age of gambling is 18 years old means that it is actually illegal for high schoolers to gamble. The anime portrays the high school life where gambling has become a major part in the character’s lives. This only adds fuel to the fire as it gives the young viewers false information about the legal age of gambling. This could make them clueless that they are not yet at the age where they are allowed to gamble. If the anime influences them to do so, it could get them into trouble if they decide to use an online gambling platform like casino online malaysia.

Rated R Scenes In The Anime

As the anime contains some Rated R scenes where the characters wear revealing clothes and show inappropriate behaviors, it could be a bad influence on the young viewers. Since many parents are busy with their careers, it is hard for them to check what their children have been watching without their surveillance. It could encourage the youngsters to follow the character’s bad habits like using harsh language or treating others rudely. This is possible because they are at a young age where they are easily influenced by what they have seen or heard.

Final Words

As a reminder, this is not a hate post for the anime because it is not surprising how the anime is able to get so popular. With a unique setting and interesting character, “Kakegurui” is a great anime for you to watch in your free time. However, it is not probably a good idea for the young viewers and I can say the parent’s concerns are simply justified. Perhaps we should make sure we watch them by making sure the line is clear from any young viewers. With that, happy watching!

web design company
Web Designing

Who Can Learn Web Design

The technology-based industry has been springing up miraculously these days. A lot of newly ventured organisations and startup companies are consisting tech team and their excellent services. According to research and statistics, many more job positions are to be offered in the field of technology. The rapidly growing market base for this field is impeccable. Every day, we never fail to see different ideas coming up in cyberspace. Not to mention, the creativity that is utilised in order to make everything looks distinctive from one another is beyond one’s basic talent. There are countless advantages that we can gain from learning how to do web designing. You must be wondering who can actually learn web design and here is the list of them:

web design company

Everyone is actually capable and deserving to learn web design. Nothing can stop any of you from pursuing what you desire the most. However, it is understandable that the majority of us have uncertainties in regards to who can learn and who cannot due to many contributing factors towards it. One of them must be the age determinant. Honestly, there should be nothing that can hinder you, not even your age. This is because you do what you wish to do and learning new things do not cost you anything bad. 

What we should be doing right now is to learn how to cater to the masses’ demands and their ways of doing things. Because the youngers are more into virtual spaces, we should be able to relate to them by learning web design as well because it is an important aspect when it comes to online businesses and to get better money return

If you are about to venture into your new passion which is doing an online business, you should have some insight when it comes to navigating it. The first thing you have to know well before starting a business on any online platform is to have a well-equipped website. The website will be the main site you will update your products and the stock availability. It should be as transparent as it could be to shine the light for the customers who are in the dark of searching for their wanted products. For you to own a good website, you can get a web design company to build it for you according to your preferences. Nevertheless, if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you should definitely get some learning before building it yourself. But there are so many free resources that you can easily get on the Internet that you can use as learning materials. Just a few types and these pieces of information are by the tips of your fingers. 

If you are impressed as to how some business owners can build a good and smooth website, you should know that there is that talent in yourself that is waiting to be brought outwards. Anyone who is genuinely interested in this field should do themselves a favour and check out more information that you can get on the Internet. 

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