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Love and Money: Are They Compatible?

It is ironic when people say money can’t buy happiness when couples spend a lot of money on their partners. They flowers every week, have fancy dinners and watch movies often with their partners. All of these are only possible because of money. Although there are reasons to say otherwise, it is still hard to say that money is not needed when you are in a relationship. Thus, let’s see how compatible money and love is.

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Long-distance Relationship Cost More Than You Realize

Money is important if you are in a relationship, actually. This is because even if you are in a long-distance relationship, your partner will appreciate a call or two every day. Do you know that international calls can cost quite a lot? But it is only logical that you will be willing to pay for all the international calls since your partner living overseas doesn’t get to meet you like other couples who date often and meet each other at least once a week. Plus, most couples with long-distance relationships feel assured when they are able to check on each other. They want to make sure none of them is cheating behind their backs or spending time with other people during their free time. Thus, you need to spend money on things like that in order for your relationship to stay long.

Different Occasions, Different Gifts

When special occasions happen such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, it would be heartless if you do not prepare a gift for your partner. It does not have to be something big as long as they find it meaningful. The issue is that you still need money because even handmade gifts can still cost you a lot. Besides, different occasions call for different gifts. That means you have to prepare presents  at least four times a year to make your partner happy. There is Valentine’s Day, White Day, birthday and anniversary.  There might be even more occasions or just some days you feel like surprising them with a bouquet of flowers or chocolates. It’s obvious that you have to spend money on the gifts every year.

How Much Do You Spoil Your Partner?

Some people love to spoil their partners with dates and movie nights often. They feel happy to spend some time with their loved one and spoil them rotten. This is usually done by the male partner since they have to be a gentleman and treat their girlfriends when they go out to have a dinner or a movie date. However, it does not have to be restricted to that as some couples split the payment because they think it’s not just the man’s responsibility to spend money when they are both committed to it. It still means that money is essential for a relationship, though. You need to have a stable income so that you can make your partner happy and at the same time getting ready for a bigger commitment – marriage.

Final Words

It can be seen how money is important in relationships. It’s not that you can have a partner without giving them gifts or paying for their dinner, but can the relationship stay for a long time if you do that? Loving someone means you have to work hard in order to provide for each other and without money, it’s simply impossible. I hope this has been informative for you and makes you appreciate your partner more in the future. Go buy them a cup of coffee before work or give them a nice bouquet of flowers to show your love to them. If you both love gambling as a hobby, check out mega888 website where you could spend your time having a thrilling gamble instead of cliche dates like watching movies or playing games together.

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Precautions To Take When Working During A Pandemic

It is May 2021 and the COVID-19 cases that have spread around the whole Malaysian country are reaching the unthinkable which is 6000 and more cases. This is very alarming because many dwellers are still with the mindset of thinking this is just another flu and cough illness. When there are people who set their mind to this, you need to brace through the spiking case alert in the future. No matter how small or big their group are, when some people give out statement underestimating and undervaluing the harmful and bad side effects from this virus, we have to fight harder and spread more accurate information to debunk all that. 

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There are many cases where people still have to go to their workplaces despite the dangerous situation we are facing due to work duties. Therefore, people who have to interact with other people daily will need to take extra precautions in order to not carry the virus back home.

The novel coronavirus is notorious to be contracted airborne. That is why we can see, in this current society, wearing a face mask is super pressured for each individual. It is highly advised that publicly coughing or sneezing in public especially without having a filter mask to block the droplets from being carried by air and making contact with any surfaces should be avoided. The virus contraction can take place in just a few seconds and we will never know what can happen next. We should be taking extra care in making sure we are doing everything to avoid being infected. One of the precautions for you to take when going out to the public is to wear a face mask. This will not only help you slow down the virus transmission but also for other people as well. When you are in the office, you should still be wearing a face mask, particularly when talking to others at a distance. 

Another precaution that will be so helpful to be taken into account is to wash hands and sanitise them frequently. This is because your hand surfaces can take a lot of dust and coincidentally the virus too. Our body parts especially our hands are being used for literally anything and everything. To reduce a certain percentage of being infected, frequent hand washing and sanitising will tremendously help. For people who work in front of their computers, just like those at web design Malaysia, you should be careful not to touch your face after using the keyboards and whatnot. Sanitising your hands beforehand will decrease the risk. 

There are so many precautions to take seriously to avoid being infected by the lethal virus, COVID-19 and you should do your part in checking in using your device. If you are able to apply for working from home and remotely mode, it is so much better because, during this trying time, everyone should make an effort in not engaging with people even our friends in general. To create a better life in the future, we first need to go through the gruelling stage first.


Why You Should Acquire Services from Time

Not everyone can afford the luxuries of life, such as the internet. Today, the effects of the internet, what it can do for us, and all those kinds of things has become greater and greater. Because of the internet, we can book flights, book a hotel, order food, get a cab, pay bills, shop, etc. Online. It clearly made each of our lives easier than ever. If you have an access to the internet, you should definitely consider yourself lucky. You have unlimited source of fun. You’d get updated with the latest news all over the world. You can easily know certain things by looking it up on the internet. You can watch the latest movies. You can listen to new songs. You can stream different TV shows in your own time. It’s mind blowing how great internet it. That, because of such, it has become a part on each of our daily lives.

With the different facts you just heard on how important internet is, you might come to the conclusion that having the right internet provider by your side, sure is a must. Now, to help you out with such dilemma, here are some tips and tricks you could do to find the right one. Read through the whole article to find out. 


If you want to make the process fast, need to start right. So, the first thing you should do is to identify your options. Know what you’re choosing from. Know the different internet providing company that can give you quality services. List them all down and start from there. Trust us, you don’t want to miss anything out. Do that first, then move on to the next step.


The next thing you would do is to go through each of their services. Know the how fast their internet is. Set a standard regarding on such, then choose your top picks. It’s basically an elimination round. You need to eliminate the different internet providing companies that does not reach your standard when talking about internet speed. The speed should be your topmost property. You don’t want to experience lagging every now and then. You don’t want to experience the system crashing while you’re surfing the net. You want to be able to enjoy the internet freely.


Then after having your top picks, that’s where you start to dig in a little deeper. Learn as much as you can regarding these companies. Learn about the kind of service they offer, the speed of their internet, the stability, how long they’ve been on the business, and such. Learn as much as you can, and guaranteed that making the right choice would be a piece of cake. The things you learn about the company you plan on acquiring services from would become your guide. 


Now, if you want to skip all the stress and hassle of looking for the right company, we can make things easier for you. We know just the right company that will be able to offer you out standing benefits, and will excellent service.


Time internet company is the right company to acquire internet services from. Here’s why:


With them, you have freedom. In some internet providing companies, they make contracts to make sure that their clients would last for years. This is why, their clients tends to have a love and hate relationship with them, because they don’t have the freedom to break free from such contract. They basically are tied down. Even if they don’t need the service anymore, they still have to pay for the service on a certain amount of time because of the contract. But that’s now what Time is. They do not set contracts. You can freely break-free from them anytime you want. They do that because they can guarantee that with their service, you’re the one who would want to stay.


Then, another thing about them is that they offer a hundred percent fiber Wi-Fi. With that, you can easily rely on the speed and the stability it can give you. Guaranteed, you won’t be having troubles when surfing the net.

So what are you still waiting for? So try, Time broadband package Malaysia! See what’s all the fuss about and enjoy surfing the net like never before! This internet providing company have served a ton of people, and have kept them satisfied with their service. You can be one of these happy customers too, once you get to experience what their service is like.


The History of Slots


The History Of Slots

Slot machines are highly featured at nearly every casino in the world, both land-based and online, mainly because they’re so popular. If you stroll into any land-based casino, you’ll probably see more than a few machines, and you’ll find hundreds of them at some of the bigger venues. You’ll find a massive wide range of virtual games available at many of the largest online casinos.

The most famous casino games ever created are the slot machines. There are literally thousands to choose from, whether online or land-based. But where did they come from?

Origins – Started In The 19th Century

The slot machine history can be traced back to the late 19th Century. In 1891 the New York-based company, Sittman and Pitt, invented the first slot machine. The game had 5 drums with 50 play-cards in all. The machine could’ve been found in many bars, and it cost the player a nickel to play.

Players will be putting in their money and pulling the trigger to play. They made payouts for lining up poker hands on the reels. To improve the edge of the house, 2 cards have been omitted from the system- the jack of hearts and the ten of spades.

Players would be putting in their money and pulling the lever to play. They made payouts for lining up poker hands on the reels. To improve the edge of the house, 2 cards have been omitted from the system- the jack of hearts and the ten of spades.

His chances of having a royal flush reduced by half. The computer had no system for direct payouts, so wins were paid out at the counter. There were non-monetary rewards, such as cigarettes and free drinks.

1887 – 1895

The inventor of the first slot machine is called Charles Augustus Fey. There is no clear information about the date of development of his first unit, but it is believed to have occurred between 1887 – 1895. Fey created a machine which enabled automatic payouts. To do this, he lowered the complexity of reading a machine win.

This was achieved by substituting 3 reels for the existing 5 drums. He also replaced the cards playing with only 5 symbols – hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and a bell for independence. 3 Bell symbols were awarded the highest payout, and as such, the machine was named the Liberty Bell. The computer gained tremendous fame. 

Machine Development

By 1902 slot machines awarding money prizes were effectively banned in the US, paving the way for the fruit machine era. Unlike the one-armed robbers, these used 3 reels, but the reward was always the winning varieties of fruit chewing gum or candy with the same flavour. Founded in 1907, the Operator Bell was the first fruit machine with the symbol BAR.

New gaming features came with new technologies. The first electromechanical slot machine was developed by Bally in 1964, named ‘Money Honey.’ The computer still featured the recognisable lever but the components inside were entirely electrically powered.

The slots industry really took off when it arrived in 1976. This was the year of the first true video slot machine used as the display screen, which featured a modified 19 inch Sony TV. It was first presented at a Las Vegas casino, but it quickly conquered the Las Vegas Strip after a couple of tweaks.

The Rise Of Online Slots

Even the classic casino games like roulette and blackjack were available online at the beginning but it wasn’t long before slots were introduced too. As with land-based casinos, slots rapidly became more popular than conventional casino games, and as such, they soon provided the bulk of the game range of online casinos.

At first, the style of the games remained similar to land-based slot machines, with the same number of reels and the same form of a symbol. Computer programming eliminated constraints, however, and soon several new styles of games appeared, with unique themes or an odd structure and style. Digital slots today have more than 5 reels and unusual formats. In addition to innovative and imaginative bonus rounds and special game features, there are a wide variety of themes and endless different symbols to be seen.

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Finding the Right Web Hosting Sites with These Amazing Ideas

If you know how websites work, you know how important the services of a top web hosting company is, right? Without them, you wouldn’t be able to visit the websites that you really love going to on a daily basis.

Now, provided that you’ve gone with the best, there are still some things that you should do on your just to ensure that everything is going to be alright. For instance, backing up your website on your own is a must for every owner so that in the event that the hosting provider goes down or goes bankrupt, you still have your website intact.

So, if you still do not have a web host to provide hosting service for your website, then here are some ideas to help you.

1. Ask How Long You Will Wait for Your Website to Get Online

There are hosting providers that are able to put up your website just a few hours after signing up. But, if you find some that will require a couple of days before they can do so, you’re better off with another provider.

2. Check if There is a Guarantee

You cannot trust web hosting companies on their word based on the ads that they’ve put out. Nothing beats real-world experience, which is why you have to find a provider that gives you a money back guarantee.

This is so that you can try out their services for a while and if you are unhappy with what they offer, you can just get your money back without questions asked.

This is typically only offered in hosting companies that have been around in the industry for quite a while, which is okay considering that they already have a pretty good track record anyway.

3. Ask to See if They Have the Features that You Need

What is your website for? Is it just a blogging platform or you’re planning to sell some products on your page? Well, you might start off with a website that is purely information-based, but you may want to sell some products down the line.

I encourage you to ask your hosting service if they provide the features that you need. For instance, do they offer a good e-commerce software suite? If so, how robust is it and is it easy to use for the end-consumer?

4. Can They Fix Problems Immediately?

A website, no matter how many times you ensure that it works properly, may run into errors and problems from time to time.

In the event of a server interruption, for example, how fast can your hosting company take action and restore the service? You want a company that is able to restore such services as quickly as possible because every minute counts.

5. Do Not Be Lured in By “Sweet” Deals

There are some companies that will try to lure customers in by giving out sweet deals. For instance, they might give you a relatively inexpensive 3-month deal and if you sign up and that time is up, you will have to pay three times the price from then on.

That notion is actually quite common because such companies are banking on the fact that people really do not read the terms of service.

Be careful about such deals and have a keen eye on what you’re going to get. Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is.

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