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The History of Slots


The History Of Slots

Slot machines are highly featured at nearly every casino in the world, both land-based and online, mainly because they’re so popular. If you stroll into any land-based casino, you’ll probably see more than a few machines, and you’ll find hundreds of them at some of the bigger venues. You’ll find a massive wide range of virtual games available at many of the largest online casinos.

The most famous casino games ever created are the slot machines. There are literally thousands to choose from, whether online or land-based. But where did they come from?

Origins – Started In The 19th Century

The slot machine history can be traced back to the late 19th Century. In 1891 the New York-based company, Sittman and Pitt, invented the first slot machine. The game had 5 drums with 50 play-cards in all. The machine could’ve been found in many bars, and it cost the player a nickel to play.

Players will be putting in their money and pulling the trigger to play. They made payouts for lining up poker hands on the reels. To improve the edge of the house, 2 cards have been omitted from the system- the jack of hearts and the ten of spades.

Players would be putting in their money and pulling the lever to play. They made payouts for lining up poker hands on the reels. To improve the edge of the house, 2 cards have been omitted from the system- the jack of hearts and the ten of spades.

His chances of having a royal flush reduced by half. The computer had no system for direct payouts, so wins were paid out at the counter. There were non-monetary rewards, such as cigarettes and free drinks.

1887 – 1895

The inventor of the first slot machine is called Charles Augustus Fey. There is no clear information about the date of development of his first unit, but it is believed to have occurred between 1887 – 1895. Fey created a machine which enabled automatic payouts. To do this, he lowered the complexity of reading a machine win.

This was achieved by substituting 3 reels for the existing 5 drums. He also replaced the cards playing with only 5 symbols – hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and a bell for independence. 3 Bell symbols were awarded the highest payout, and as such, the machine was named the Liberty Bell. The computer gained tremendous fame. 

Machine Development

By 1902 slot machines awarding money prizes were effectively banned in the US, paving the way for the fruit machine era. Unlike the one-armed robbers, these used 3 reels, but the reward was always the winning varieties of fruit chewing gum or candy with the same flavour. Founded in 1907, the Operator Bell was the first fruit machine with the symbol BAR.

New gaming features came with new technologies. The first electromechanical slot machine was developed by Bally in 1964, named ‘Money Honey.’ The computer still featured the recognisable lever but the components inside were entirely electrically powered.

The slots industry really took off when it arrived in 1976. This was the year of the first true video slot machine used as the display screen, which featured a modified 19 inch Sony TV. It was first presented at a Las Vegas casino, but it quickly conquered the Las Vegas Strip after a couple of tweaks.

The Rise Of Online Slots

Even the classic casino games like roulette and blackjack were available online at the beginning but it wasn’t long before slots were introduced too. As with land-based casinos, slots rapidly became more popular than conventional casino games, and as such, they soon provided the bulk of the game range of online casinos.

At first, the style of the games remained similar to land-based slot machines, with the same number of reels and the same form of a symbol. Computer programming eliminated constraints, however, and soon several new styles of games appeared, with unique themes or an odd structure and style. Digital slots today have more than 5 reels and unusual formats. In addition to innovative and imaginative bonus rounds and special game features, there are a wide variety of themes and endless different symbols to be seen.

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Finding the Right Web Hosting Sites with These Amazing Ideas

If you know how websites work, you know how important the services of a top web hosting company is, right? Without them, you wouldn’t be able to visit the websites that you really love going to on a daily basis.

Now, provided that you’ve gone with the best, there are still some things that you should do on your just to ensure that everything is going to be alright. For instance, backing up your website on your own is a must for every owner so that in the event that the hosting provider goes down or goes bankrupt, you still have your website intact.

So, if you still do not have a web host to provide hosting service for your website, then here are some ideas to help you.

1. Ask How Long You Will Wait for Your Website to Get Online

There are hosting providers that are able to put up your website just a few hours after signing up. But, if you find some that will require a couple of days before they can do so, you’re better off with another provider.

2. Check if There is a Guarantee

You cannot trust web hosting companies on their word based on the ads that they’ve put out. Nothing beats real-world experience, which is why you have to find a provider that gives you a money back guarantee.

This is so that you can try out their services for a while and if you are unhappy with what they offer, you can just get your money back without questions asked.

This is typically only offered in hosting companies that have been around in the industry for quite a while, which is okay considering that they already have a pretty good track record anyway.

3. Ask to See if They Have the Features that You Need

What is your website for? Is it just a blogging platform or you’re planning to sell some products on your page? Well, you might start off with a website that is purely information-based, but you may want to sell some products down the line.

I encourage you to ask your hosting service if they provide the features that you need. For instance, do they offer a good e-commerce software suite? If so, how robust is it and is it easy to use for the end-consumer?

4. Can They Fix Problems Immediately?

A website, no matter how many times you ensure that it works properly, may run into errors and problems from time to time.

In the event of a server interruption, for example, how fast can your hosting company take action and restore the service? You want a company that is able to restore such services as quickly as possible because every minute counts.

5. Do Not Be Lured in By “Sweet” Deals

There are some companies that will try to lure customers in by giving out sweet deals. For instance, they might give you a relatively inexpensive 3-month deal and if you sign up and that time is up, you will have to pay three times the price from then on.

That notion is actually quite common because such companies are banking on the fact that people really do not read the terms of service.

Be careful about such deals and have a keen eye on what you’re going to get. Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is.

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