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In this post, we are talking about cryptocurrency news today


The concept of this cryptocurrency is actually difficult to understand and can be confusing to create. It doesn’t matter, let’s read and try to understand crypto.


Crypto Is A Currency And The System of The Crypto 

cryptocurrency news alert

A virtual currency that uses cryptography or virtual currency that is encrypted, making financial fraud and double-spending nearly impossible. Many cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain – based technology, which is a distributed ledger by a global network of computers. Cryptocurrencies differ in that they are not issued and protected  by any centralized authority, making them potentially immune to government intervention or exploitation.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies is altering the global financial ecosystem. This currency has the potential not only to be a change from the current financial system, but also to pose a threat to the economic, social, technological, legal, and other fields. The fundamental question that needs to be answered is whether it can function as a currency as an intermediary of transactions, as well as a benchmark and store of value in a stable and fair manner. Recognizing, comprehending, and mastering the various types, natures, and features of money is essential. 


What Does People Think About Crypto and Does What They Say Matters? 

Here is what Tun Dr Mahathir said about crypto, and I quote,

 “I do not use crypto currency. I also don’t encourage people to use that. I hold on to fiat money or fiat currency, or physical money. If there is a promotion in an ad or website that supposedly encourages the use of crypto currency, it is fake. Previously, my office had a report on this type of advertisement that I allegedly invested in and encouraged the use of this crypto currency. The ads are so fake and untrue. I understand that some have been deceived. Some of the ads seemed to be aired by the local media.” That is what Tun M said regarding crypto. Some said he prefers old money rather than new money so that’s why he is against it. I mean he is old and maybe he prefers old-ways. 


Luno Malaysia Crypto News: 

cryptocurrency news today.

The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) expects more cryptocurrency exchange platforms to get full approval to operate in the country. The chief executive officer named Surina Shukri said the full approval are given by the Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia to Luno Malaysia Sdn Bhd opened up opportunities for the digital technology revolution. Luno began operations in the country in 2015 before becoming the largest digital advertising company in Malaysia by the end of 2017. Then, SC Malaysia awarded the platform for cryptocurrency exchange in October of last year, resulting in a monetary gain of RM2.5 million in the ten days following the start of the campaign in October.


Several Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Several cryptocurrency exchange platforms are holding discussions and dialogue sessions with relevant parties to obtain full approval to operate. “Today we are very excited about the presence of Luno, the cryptocurrency exchange platform in Malaysia. This platform is important because it allows you to convert physical currency to digital currency.

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