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Whether you’re considering gambling in an online casino, sportsbook or other website related to betting, or in a brick and mortar establishment such as a casino, bookmaker or racetrack, or even among friends and acquaintances, it’s worth having a good understanding of what you’re doing. There are some simple but golden rules about the gambling process that, if followed, will improve the enjoyment of the game and help prevent some of the problems associated with the sport.

The article seeks to discuss these laws and explain why they are what they are and why, whenever possible, you should try to follow them.

Only Gamble the Money You Have

If I had to place my hand on my heart and say with all my certainty that there is one law that stands out above all others it’s this: You can afford to lose just gambling money.

It is short, to the point and should precede all other principles, laws and tactics in gambling. What’s that for? The simple fact is that it is a risk by its very nature whenever you gamble money. And the risk is that, just as you can win, you can lose that money.

So many people start placing bets with money they can’t really afford to lose, assuming they are getting a good chance to win. The truth usually hits home after they have spent all the money they’ve had on them and sinks in the knowledge that they don’t have to spend any more.

In this situation, the sensible person will take that as a certainty they should walk away and accept their losses, learning from the experience that they will only spend money that they really don’t need anything else next time (i.e. they can afford to lose it).

Wait and Stay Calm

It often happens that an awesome betting opportunity arises in the heat of the moment which is so tempting that you just need to take it. But a careful, measured approach to batting and a rash, emotional approach makes a big difference.

When weighing up a betting opportunity, top professional gamblers tend to stay cool and emotionally balanced. It is so that they can act with a clear head and make the best decision they can based on their knowledge and experience. That’s a well worth emulating tactic!

In comparison, inexperienced gamblers have a tendency to let their hearts control their heads and allow feelings to affect their choices. A decision rash or hot headed over a bet will always end badly. This is because in the heat of the moment the decision will have been reached and not though properly through!

If you want your betting strategy to be maximized, always give yourself time to act calmly, as unemotionally as possible and with a calculated choice.

Don’t Listen to Others

This tends not to apply so much to Internet gambling, as you are generally going to be alone with your computer and not distracted by anyone else. But when you are playing with a handheld device in a group of people and maybe you are playing it can fall under the influence of distracting circumstances.

A common mistake is to allow the inherent need to color your plan by impressing someone else with your betting or playing skills. You may be in the presence of someone who is a professional gambler and would like to show them how good you are, in an attempt to gain their approval.

Or you might start betting rashly to impress a member of the opposite sex (generally when a guy tries to impress a girl), and show off what you think is your great betting talent. Don’t do that!

Allowing this and similar distractions to affect the decision-making process can only end in placement of reckless or hot headed bets, with disastrous results! Be respectful of the preceding rule and keep your mind calm, consistent and decisive!

Manage Your Money Wisely

Your bankroll is your best friend when playing because when you work with it, it can keep you in check and dictate your play strategy and manage it properly. And how often do gamblers take over their emotions and make a series of bad decisions that severely deplete their bankroll?

It happens a lot, but to newcomers in this arena more especially. Occasionally, you’ll encounter a professional who makes bad decisions. One bet on rash can wipe you out! Yet that often doesn’t happen.

Have a look at the first or golden rule above and make sure you keep track of your bankroll and you know what you can afford to lose and what you need to stay in the game. And getting it right can mean the difference between staying longer in that game with a better chance of coming out on top, or early leaving, broke!

Have Fun

The last rule here is to have fun while playing. The whole premise of this pastime and undoubtedly the greatest gambling draw is that it should be a happy and fulfilling experience. This can happen if you abide by the rules and remain sensible.

It is not so much fun to play rashly like an idiot and very quickly lose all your money. It’s even worse when you’re losing money for something else that you really wanted, like your rent, food or anything else. It is much easier not to include any of the money you need for other things, and only spend money that you can really call “money spare.”

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