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In 2017, anime fans were going wild with the anime television adaption of the manga “Kakegurui” or “Compulsive Gambler”. With interesting storyline and maniac characters spicing up the series, many fans are able to enjoy the anime brought by MAPPA. The anime is a hit in both Japan and international countries as people love the main character’s attitude that gambles for the sake of thrill and defies the rules or logic in order to beat the hierarchy of the school she just transferred in. The series is set in Hyakkaou Private Academy, a prestigious high school that houses many children of the most influential and wealthiest individuals in the country. However, academy performance or the common methods that normal schools used to decide their hierarchy is useless in the academy. The position of the students are decided by their after-school activity, which is gambling. As the students with higher positions in the school gained their power through dirty tricks and gambling scams, Yumeko Jabami (main character) transferring to the school started to collapse the hierarchy of the school.

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As the viewers of the anime involve the youngsters, voices of concern start to rise as the parents argue that the portrayal of gambling in the anime could be a bad influence to their children because of these few reasons.

Perk The Young Viewer’s Interest To Gamble

As the anime portrays gambling as its main theme, there are many scenes that show gambling taking place in the school. This could give bad influence to the youngsters as they could get interested in gambling and start to adapt the mindset that it is fine to gamble in high school, just like the anime characters have been doing. The anime could make them lose the interest to study as the anime portrays gambling as an entertaining and thrilling activity to be done instead of focusing on their school work.

The Minors Are Not Allowed To Gamble

The fact that the legal age of gambling is 18 years old means that it is actually illegal for high schoolers to gamble. The anime portrays the high school life where gambling has become a major part in the character’s lives. This only adds fuel to the fire as it gives the young viewers false information about the legal age of gambling. This could make them clueless that they are not yet at the age where they are allowed to gamble. If the anime influences them to do so, it could get them into trouble if they decide to use an online gambling platform like casino online malaysia.

Rated R Scenes In The Anime

As the anime contains some Rated R scenes where the characters wear revealing clothes and show inappropriate behaviors, it could be a bad influence on the young viewers. Since many parents are busy with their careers, it is hard for them to check what their children have been watching without their surveillance. It could encourage the youngsters to follow the character’s bad habits like using harsh language or treating others rudely. This is possible because they are at a young age where they are easily influenced by what they have seen or heard.

Final Words

As a reminder, this is not a hate post for the anime because it is not surprising how the anime is able to get so popular. With a unique setting and interesting character, “Kakegurui” is a great anime for you to watch in your free time. However, it is not probably a good idea for the young viewers and I can say the parent’s concerns are simply justified. Perhaps we should make sure we watch them by making sure the line is clear from any young viewers. With that, happy watching!

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