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It is May 2021 and the COVID-19 cases that have spread around the whole Malaysian country are reaching the unthinkable which is 6000 and more cases. This is very alarming because many dwellers are still with the mindset of thinking this is just another flu and cough illness. When there are people who set their mind to this, you need to brace through the spiking case alert in the future. No matter how small or big their group are, when some people give out statement underestimating and undervaluing the harmful and bad side effects from this virus, we have to fight harder and spread more accurate information to debunk all that. 

web design malaysia

There are many cases where people still have to go to their workplaces despite the dangerous situation we are facing due to work duties. Therefore, people who have to interact with other people daily will need to take extra precautions in order to not carry the virus back home.

The novel coronavirus is notorious to be contracted airborne. That is why we can see, in this current society, wearing a face mask is super pressured for each individual. It is highly advised that publicly coughing or sneezing in public especially without having a filter mask to block the droplets from being carried by air and making contact with any surfaces should be avoided. The virus contraction can take place in just a few seconds and we will never know what can happen next. We should be taking extra care in making sure we are doing everything to avoid being infected. One of the precautions for you to take when going out to the public is to wear a face mask. This will not only help you slow down the virus transmission but also for other people as well. When you are in the office, you should still be wearing a face mask, particularly when talking to others at a distance. 

Another precaution that will be so helpful to be taken into account is to wash hands and sanitise them frequently. This is because your hand surfaces can take a lot of dust and coincidentally the virus too. Our body parts especially our hands are being used for literally anything and everything. To reduce a certain percentage of being infected, frequent hand washing and sanitising will tremendously help. For people who work in front of their computers, just like those at web design Malaysia, you should be careful not to touch your face after using the keyboards and whatnot. Sanitising your hands beforehand will decrease the risk. 

There are so many precautions to take seriously to avoid being infected by the lethal virus, COVID-19 and you should do your part in checking in using your device. If you are able to apply for working from home and remotely mode, it is so much better because, during this trying time, everyone should make an effort in not engaging with people even our friends in general. To create a better life in the future, we first need to go through the gruelling stage first.

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