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In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t picture surviving without technology. We cannot exist without technology involvements when employment, socialization, and cultural dissemination occur as a result of globalization. Technology has been part of our lives for so long and it is getting closer to us day by day. It has become our essentials that we will use almost every second of everyday.

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Importance of technology to the society can be seen in the efficiency in daily chores, easier communication, various range of entertainment and also improvement in education. These all seem like nothing but it is actually the best advancement that we can experience at our times.

Technologies have helped to improve the efficiency in doing daily chores. They are beneficial for everyone from any range of ages; kids and elderly. The invention of technologies such as vacuums, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens has really brought advantages especially for mothers. Everyone in the house gets to put their hands on any machines and help to make it easier.

Years back then, when there are still no washing machines, the washed their clothes on the floor or in the sink but after the washing machine was invented they no longer do it that way. There are also improvements on the technology where the washing machine used to be semi-auto but now you can just put the detergent in and set it for a specific period.

It has also made communication easier. We used to send mails to keep in touch with our friends and relatives that live far away from us. But now, we no longer have to do so. Technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, laptops and social media have helped to reduce the time taken to communicate. You can even talk to your friends who live in another country without having to wait for a reply which used to take up to months.

Now, we can use Instagram stories to update what is currently happening to us and also get to know what is happening in your friends and relative’s lives.

The most interesting part of having technology is that it provides various ranges of entertainment. You can watch BTS music videos on Youtube, listen to Ariana Grande’s singing on Instagram Live and maybe Lee Chong Wei playing badminton on Astro. You will have access to every kind of entertainment across the globe.

Other than just watching other people performing on the internet, you can also play online games and even try the best online casino in Malaysia to fill your leisure time. You decide what your entertainment is.

Lastly, it is very beneficial for education. This is because with the internet, students can easily find extra knowledge and information about everything. You can have a virtual study group, sharing online documents and also saving your notes online. There are also online courses that help us to add our skills and at the same time will add value to us as a student.

You can improve the way you study just by searching through the internet on how to get better grades or how to improve your time management skill.

All in all, technologies are very important especially if our country is developing to become better. 


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